Recently I went shopping at the general store in Minnetonka, MN...with no intention of buying shoes. I did however spy a pair of shoes that caught my eye...the uniqueness of the plaid design! A gentleman happened to be close by and saw me struggling to find a pair to try on (i have a cane). He said..."here, let me find a chair for you to sit down on and i will get the shoes you want to try on!" He assisted in helping me try on the shoes and found a sales clerk to find other pairs to try on. All I can say is the shoes were like gloves on my feet! LOVE! The patterns and stretchy materials and the non skid soles! Little did I know he was the Corkys rep for the Midwest until he announced it to the clerk. If he had not been there, I would probably not have purchased the shoes. Please give the Midwest rep the recognition he deserves for assisting a customer. Thank you.
Dawn D.

I just wanted to tell you how I am loving my Corkys shoe purchase. I bought them, and have worn them at some time every day since then. They are by far the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. I can wear them to work and out and about. Cannot wait to by another pair.
Sue A.

Love my Corkys! I have to wear closed toed shoes and always had trouble finding cute ones. That's until I discovered Corkys! Always get compliments on them and everyone wants to know where I got them.
Valeta M.

I got in an car accident when I was 23 and it broke both of my ankles and as a result, will have ankle problems for the rest of my life. Anyway, shortly after I could wear something besides sneakers, I found Corkys at a shoe store in Conway, AR. They are so comfortable and were great for reducing the impact on my ankle. They are also adorable! Last year I had another surgery and again, my Corkys were the first shoe I could wear comfortably. I wear them when the arthritis in my ankle is hurting at the end of the day for instant relief. My students call them my after lunch flip flops. Please don't change a thing to these shoes because they are wonderful! Thank you for the cute shoes and relief to my feet!
Jenny G.

Awesome! Just saw Corkys Footwear for the first time in Memphis last month. I'm thrilled to have a shop 20 minutes from my home!
Kristine V.

I spent last week at a conference in Las Vegas. After wearing work shoes that gave me blisters, I put on my sparkle and way more comfortable Breathless flip flops and hit the town! My feet were saved by my Corky's flip flops in Vegas!
Lorie S.

Just got my new kicks today!!!! You guys are the best!!! Love, love, love my new sandals!!!! ♡♡♡
Brandy C.

I love my Corky's flip flops and have a couple pairs. One brown and one black so I can wear them with everything.
Brittany P.

Even my fur-baby likes Corkys!
Fonda H.